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In Australian today, we although a small Nation, we adore & love to be individuals.  I wanted so much to understand what my customers wanted and how they love their Jewellery.  I really wanted to observe, what ‘turned’ my customers on, with Jewellery and see reactions to different pieces.  I love to see these gorgeous people, light up when they see that special ring, or just can’t decide with glee looking at Boho Jewellery they love!  I love to attend my Applecross / Guildford and Kalamunda Night Markets, to get this incredible and truly wonderful feedback, its like a warm hug!!

Happily, I can report, I have so many wonderful comments about my Tribal, Gypsy, Festival, Beach and All Our Bohemian Jewellery and have some wonderful customers, who come back again and again.  Markets to me where about connecting to my customers and understanding their loves, and how they celebrate their lives.  With Summer fast approaching Seashells and Pearls, and anything at all to do with Beach / Ocean Culture, high in demand.   I am just making a range of beautiful Vermeil Gold and Silver Shell Anklets for Summer, with some wonderful Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.   Shells are wonderful to work with, we have some beautiful new Cowrie Shell Rings all 925 Silver, with the Rose Gold (which is still 100% Sterling Silver beneath the Rose Gold).  Being such a natural product, they come in all shapes and sizes, the colours are stunning and so Natural, simply perfect for the beach or for that special piece of Festival jewellery.

Just look at Paua (Abalone Shell) that is so beautiful with is Blue and Green Hues like looking into the ocean, the simple Clam or Spiral Shells with electroplating becomes stunning with a beautiful Pearl or Pearl Stack and magically becomes that beautiful unique pair of earrings or that one of necklace.

As my wonderful Pretty Gal Boho Tribe is developing, I am having great fun, creating new pieces all the time.  Gypsy theme is so much fun, Gypsies the first Bohemian Wanderers have such flair with bright colourful pieces, together with the Tribal theme, that can be big and beautiful statement pieces to our wonderful Summer Festivals and Parties. 

We, as Boho lovers, adore our Raw and Natural Gemstones, especially our stunning Opals, and I am always adding to our collections, lots more to come. Some so delicate and petite, whilst others being that stunning statement piece! 

The world over appears to Love Boho Jewellery, and I recognise that Bohemian Jewellery is for the Individual who loves to be Unique, Original and Natural.   Happy Summer and Enjoy your Natural Jewels and being ‘One’ with Nature!  And don't forget to come and say "Hello" and have a look, if you are at any of my wonderful Summer markets!

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