🌺Cowrie Shell Jewellery .... The Secret Jewels Of The Ocean💦

Written by Kathleen Clayton


Posted on July 08 2019

Did you know that once upon time our Gorgeous Cowrie Shell Jewellery, the Cowrie Shell Necklaces, bracelets, anklets & Necklaces that we all love to wear for Summertime Festivals, Parties and Beach Fun, were once used as real currency?  Yes, Real money. The lovely Cowrie Shell is roughly the same size as each other, lightweight and easy to carry around your neck or on your body, it was used in West African to trade with Arab, traders and later Europeans for Gold, Slaves and other goods.

It’s hard to believe our stunning little Necklaces or anklets were worth literally their weight in Gold, it was said that 40 Cowries that equalled 1 string, 50 Strings made 2000 cowries which equalled 1 head, and 10 heads 20k Cowries equalled 1 bag.     The Cowrie was one of the original “Bead” Currencies.


So Next time, when you are wearing you wonderful Cowrie Necklace or Anklet, or that favourite Cowrie Ring, remember, it once was literally worth its weight in Gold.                                                                                          

It’s no longer used as currency (although there are still coins with Cowrie Shell on them), however, there are still some Ritual Services in Africa that will accept The Cowrie Shell as payment.  Africa had to give up it’s Cowrie currency due, to wanting to trade with Europe and Europe eventually wouldn’t use the Shell as Currency as it was hard to carry large amounts and deterioration etc.

The Cowrie Shell not surprising is said to be linked with the Oceans and to enable individuals to bring Wealth and Prosperity all from the Goddess of Protection, connected with the Power & Strength on the Ocean. 

So Make sure look after and Enjoy your Beautiful Cowries Jewels from Prettygalboho 💖


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