Amethyst – The Spiritual Awareness Crystal


When you look at Amethyst, you can just about smell the lavender, that beautiful purple crystal, that has so many purply light hues going through, so beautiful and mesmerizing.

Amethyst is regarded as one of the most spiritualist crystal, with very high vibrations and for meditating and enhancing your creativity.

It was said that Amethyst was use by Ancient Royalty to encourage sobriety and spiritual grounding.  Hence why Purple is the colour of Royalty to this day and Priests in high positions.

I adore working with Amethyst as it really is calming and gives you a relaxed state of mind.

For Mediation, they say to have it close to you, or hold it in your hand, or wear it, such as my stunning large Amethyst and Copper Pendant around your neck.  It is said to have powerful calming effects, removing and tension or stress in your life.  Or if you want to reflect on something very important, you can place some Amethyst on your third eye, which is said to open, and enhance your physic abilities.

The Ancient Egyptians made amulets from Amethyst as a form of prayer to protect them against harm, to ward off evil. 

To this day Wiccans use Amethyst to ward off physic attack and to give you a protective shield of light around your body. Just hold the Amethyst and meditate and surround yourself with your Amethyst 'light'... keeping it in mind anytime your feel insecure, think of your amethyst, or better still hold your ring or necklace to give you that vibration of being safe and protected.

It is also said to help everyone sleep, as I said I get the smell of lavender when I work with Amethyst, and Lavender, like that of Amethyst helps sleep and tranquil the mind from your day’s activity.   Amethyst is a soothing stone, especially for children to help curb nightmares.   Place it under a child’s pillow (nothing small that can be swallowed by any child).


I like many people wear Amethyst Pendants for protection from negativity and soothe and severe emotions, for instance after losing a loved one.

Amethyst, one of my all-time favourite Crystals and I recommend wearing just a little in these days of high emotions and worry.  Trust a little Amethyst will give you strength .... 🙏

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