Prettygalboho jewellery is made in Australia, and once you wear a ring that is Jewellery that is handmade you will never regret its uniqueness 

Jewellery has been around literally forever.  Speaking of Jewellery forever, in ancient Egypt, where according to many the origin of wearing jewellery was started. Stretching back to 3000 – 5000 years back the jewellery was used to show the people how respectable and rich they were.  In today's society we now are becoming more individual and wanting Unique Pieces that stand out and not 'ready made' or mass produced.

Prettygalboho, has a large range of stones, crystal, opals and numerous gemstones, waiting for you.  We have a huge range of earrings and we are always adding to our range, we have some wonderful new 925 Raw Opals Rings, just about ready for November, just in time for Christmas.  Here's some examples to name a few:


The word “OPAL” is the Latin word which means “Precious Jewel”. If you are born in October, then Opals are the ones that are surely made for you. It is said that Opal is considered as the birthstone of people born in October, but don't worry everyone loves Opals and can be worn by everyone!.  It is said Opals reflects the symbol of purity and wisdom having a touch of faithfulness in it. Not only this you will also get some inner confidence after wearing this stone. If you are looking for opals made fitted in jewellery shell than with us, you can find the best jewellery made in Australia.



We've got all the handmade jewellery and Opal stone in a unique way that will surely increase your beauty.  New Opal Rings in Silver & Electroplated 18ct Gold ….Will Be Ready Soon



Bohemian Jewellery a Unique way to say Individual, Boho ring represent everything from the Gypsy in us, Our Tribe, The Sea/Ocean we all love and Just the Individuality of each piece.

Bohemian jewellery also embraces the Baroque Pearl that is the oldest gem existing and is used in the jewellery.  We have a wonderful range of Baroque pearls in all shapes and sizes, all from Australia.

Gemstone Rings are also such a Boho Staple, everyone either has one or want's one, and most of us, don't have enough fingers to wear all the stunning rings that we love so much.   Gemstone Rings, represent so much in our lives, they can calm us, make us feel confident, they can energise us to make it through a hard day.  When making jewellery you can almost feel the energy of each ring, for instance Labradorite, is said to give you insight and almost a psychic ability. 



In Australia we love our festivals and love to wear our Festival jewellery Having on one of your favourite Gemstone Necklaces or Rings, can make you feel so incredibly special.  Prettygalboho have got a large collection of Festival Jewellery made in Australia. With Summer just around the corner, you will love our Shell Jewellery, prefer for the beach, we're also just creating a new range of anklets, with stunning shell and Silver 





Prettygalboho  has a range of natural stone rings, which we are always adding to. The Stones we use in these pieces of jewellery is completely unique and individual as Nature intended.

All our jewellery is ethically sourced and handmade. Check out the range we have and come back weekly to see what new wonderful additions we have in our Gemstone range. Our range covers Larimar, Labradorite, Moonstone, turquoise, Onyx, Opal, shell and so much more, check it all our, we feel sure you will love our range of Bohemian Jewellery



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