Heavenly bodies / Our love for Sun Moon and Stars


One of everyone’s favs at the moment, and probably forever, has been Moon Jewellery.

Whether it be an actual Moon shaped Pendant or Ring or a Moonstone, showing the light of the Moon on your finger as a Ring, Necklace or Earrings.

Moonstone Jewellery

The Moon is an illuminating talisman that is for everyday life.  Moon and Starts represent so much inner meaning to us, even if we don’t know why.   It represents female empowerment.  To celebrate the inner women in your life.  As represented in the saying “I love you to the Moon and Back”.

The phases of the Moon represent the rhythm of time and the cycle we all live in each day and night.  The phases of the moon symbolise immortality and eternity, enlightenment.


Waxing Moons are said be a “Time for Action” As the moon moves towards being full, you should look at your goals and take steps to achieve them.  It is also said to be a great time for great ideas, changes, over coming obstacles. 


Waning Moons is as the Full Moon fades and reduce to a new moon.  The Waning Moon is said to be a good time of contemplation, and a time to restore your thoughts and energy and restore your intentions.  Said to be a wonderful time for Meditation and healing. A period of transformation, fertility and completion.

Stars are adored by all, since the beginning of time, and seen as forever hope, destiny within Heaven and representation of Freedom. 

“To wish upon a Star”, as they are said to fall from Heaven. 

In love stars represent a strong couple who shine together and are aligned and work together lovingly.  The energy of the star is said to make us strong and a couple that shines bright, just like that of the stars in the sky.


The Sun is said to symbolise and represent life, energy, positivity, clarity of thought, confidence and so much more.  Also said to symbolise love and admiration. Happiness and vitality.  And in many cultures a long life and good luck.


As you go through our collections, you will notice we have many representations in our jewellery collections off Stars, The Moon and The Sun. 

Wiccan’s believe that our Heavenly bodies, represent time, love, the tides of life, and our moon represents so many rhythms and times in our life to do certain things. 

Above all else, wear what makes you feel comfortable and at ease, and maybe if it helps you a little in your every day life, see it as a bonus.






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