Natural & Beautiful Shell & Pearl Collection


Shell Jewellery … is the jewellery that reminds you of carefree days at the beach… enjoying the sun and the waves, even if you are just having a day at the office. 

They represent our Tribal beginning when we would pick up shells at the beach and make something beautiful to wear from Nature.  

Natural Bohemian look that gives us that carefree feeling of freedom, especially in the world we live in today.  


PrettyGalBoho endeavours to make Shell & Pearl Jewellery in all colours, shapes, and sizes, at affordable prices.   We also do our best to source locally, and to make all our beauties.   A little piece of Sunshine in your Jewellery box, that you can wear to make you feel a little bit more special each day. 


We have so much included are the beautiful Cowrie Shell, in rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Together with our little shell anklets that are made with natural Shells and 97% plus Hilltribe Silver.  Earrings of many shapes and sizes.  Pearls are a favourite and we have made some wonderful Baroque Pearl and Hilltribe Silver. 


Enjoy anytime of the year our lovely Shell and Pearl collection.

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