Navajo Turquoise Jewellery

The real meaning

I was fascinated the other day watching a program about the Navajo Indians, and why the respected the Blue / Green Turquoise Stones.  I have always love Blue and Green Turquoise, and I’m lucky it’s my birthstone, but to learn how it has so many wonderful meanings, was extremely surprising, and I wanted to share....

Initially when settlers arrived in North American they dug for many things, including gold, silver, but one of them was not Turquoise, the Turquoise was left in piles to the side, and as pieces of unwanted stone.  Navajo’s do not like to dig up the Earth, it is deemed disrespectful and only use Turquoise that is easily accessible. So when they saw the Turquoise left behind, they used it for many purposes, as it was deemed as a spiritual stone of the Earth.


Navajo 925 Silver Cuff


Used as a talisman for Chiefs and Warriors (who wore Turquoise to battle to be protected from harm), and as a shaman’s tool, Turquoise has been used for centuries, not just for the Navajo, but also for Egyptians, and many other people, such as Mayans.  Because of its rarity, it was used like that of gold or diamonds, as a currency.


Navajo Blue Turquoise 925 Flower Ring

It is said it symbolised wealth, power and status, it has a calming and relaxing feel to it.  Which is probably why it’s the birthstone of Sagittarius, who need to relax, and stop moving at 100 miles p/h.




Simply Turquoise is said to be a bringer of good fortune and opportunity.  As rings are to send and receive prosperity, with a Turquoise necklace (Heishi Necklaces), it protects and nurtures the body.


Once the Navajo people learnt how to silversmith and use this with the Turquoise, there were developed so amazing Navajo Jewellery.

 Turquoise is quite timeless, it’s been in beautiful silver pieces since the early 1900’s and doesn’t look like going anywhere soon, as we may call it Boho, but it is much older than Boho and takes nature into account, very much, as a beautiful sustainable gift from our Planet.

Navajo Turquoise is known for large Turquoise Stones and beautiful silver, both in Green and Blue Turquoise.


Navajo Green Sterling Silver Cuff

When you wear your beautiful Turquoise jewellery, please don’t forget to be respectful, as the Navajo deemed it to be something holy and the Earths way to help mankind heal and be at piece.

So, when you wear your wonderful handcrafted jewellery please remember the Navajo, as they are said to believe it represents happiness, good luck and good health.

From the Christian Bible it is said that the belief in Turquoise was the Blue was from the River of God, sanctification, healing, prosperity, new beginnings, to flourish and thrive.

I hope you enjoy your special piece of Turquoise and enjoy your feeling of good health and prosperity.



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