The First Bohemian "Gem" The Pearl

Pearls, the worlds ‘oldest’ Gem and the ‘first’ Bohemian Gem, renowned for its beauty, shine, and colours, the pearl, came from very humble beginnings. 

It is said that pearls became something that was search for whilst searching the shore for food, and eventually turned into an adornment of some shape for form.

Pearls date back to mankind before Christ, and have been created into magnificent works of art.  Known throughout time in Chinese, Japanese, Roman Times, together with Central and South America identifying the Pearl as a must have for the wealthy, men worn pearls just as much as women. 

Pearls are said to give purity and wisdom to the wearer, and keepsake to keep you safe in battle.  My Grandmother said that “pearls bring tears” which when exploring, I found it comes from an old wives tale and is a little misinterpreted over time and was really a good luck open, that pearls represented a Wedding day and the happiness of the Brides tears.

I adore working with pearls, they are so beautiful in every aspect, the freshwater pearls I use, come in all shapes and sizes and as a jewellery designer, they inspire you to think and create wonderful ideas, together with shell of all shapes and sizes.

Pearls come from living organisms, through pure freak of nature, the oyster, being irritated a by some sand or small stone, and secreting crystalline to form the pearl.  Each one different and perfect in its own way, no two the same, which is why I love to use Baroque Pearls (Baroque meaning not symmetrical, as mentioned all shapes and sizes). 

Pearls would have to be described as the ultimate sustainable piece of jewellery, naturally made in Nature and because they are natural, pearls may sweat, and need to be kept in a non-humid atmosphere, they need to be cared for and they will be something you can keep with you throughout your life.  A beautiful investment, together whilst being a beautiful piece of jewellery.



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