The Lotus


One of the main reasons I choose the Lotus Flower for my Logo, is I love how the Lotus Flower Looks, it’s is so captivating, how it seems to open with such grace, an amazing looking flower that represents to me and obviously many other’s what Bohemian Style stands for.

The Buddhist believe that the Lotus Flower represent the purity of the body, together with speech and your mind, as it floats above all the refuge below, as the Bohemian, doesn’t adhere to any images that are ‘socially accepted’, but interprets their own Boho Style, to represent themselves, as Flower Children did in the 60’s and as we as environmentalist, recycle and reuse, instead, of buying into the bulk mentality, that more is good and you need more to live a better life, when we are now thinking, especially in todays environment of COVID-19, that we should appreciate the little things in our lives and make them special, to enjoy each day.  Enjoying our Mindfulness and attempt to make it a peaceful existence, enjoying each moment.


As the Lotus Flower in Eastern Cultures is also recognised for enlightenment, self-generation and our re-birth (which does pretty much represent the entire World at the moment as we speak) 

I adore Lotus Jewellery and I’m working on a number of new pieces, so stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy our gorgeous new range of rings, with lot’s more coming shortly!

So, I just wanted to say, that no matter how dirty the water is, beautiful living things, such as the Lotus grow up through this, and I would like to say to all my customers, Stay as positive and mindful as you can.  Enjoy each day as it is a gift.  Like the Lotus enjoy your life, and take each moment to enjoy the little things, the sun, the beach, the wind, a lovely glass of wine, the laughter of your child, being with people you love.  Blessed Be to all… thank you for your patronage.   Love & Light Kathleen


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