The Natural Benefits of Natural Jewellery - Gemstones, Silver, Pearls & Shells

 I genuinely love making Jewellery, that is especially true when working with Natural Gemstones, the wonder of Silver, together with Natural Shells and Pearls 

There is much to be said about the benefits of having Natural Jewellery

For instance, Moonstones  that create the beautiful Rainbow effect, is said to help you achieve balance, and gather inner peace.  If you are at all anxious or have depression and lack of sleep, it is said to help with these problems.

Citrine, just to look at is like looking into the Sun, and giving you an inner brightness, hence said to boost our positivity and your emotional well-being, also said to help with pain and inflammation of the body.  It is also said to attract wealth and prosperity.

Aquamarine, simply beautiful to look at and gives you that instant boost, like looking at the deep sea, that combined for instant with Silver in our stunning Aquamarine ring, is said to help with body pain, blood pressure and lift your mood.  As Silver is said to help with bone health and reduce your blood pressure.

I work a lot with Agate, this stone is said to help balance your emotions.  But also, wonderous things like aiding digestive system, your blood, skill, and digestion!

Recently I have made some Turquoise Jewellery, and notice, I felt so relaxed after working with the stones, so I was not surprised to find that Turquoise is said to help ease feelings of negativity and low self-worth.

Jade the deep Green hues, said to give a feeling of abundance and to help manifest wealth and abundance, the Chinese have believed this for many centuries.

Pearls are said to help with fertility and hormonal problems.

Opals, said to give self-worth and bringing Good luck for those who wear them

One of my favourite stones is Labradorite, the Stone is not only stunning, but said to give physic abilities and intuitive abilities to make hard decisions.

Larimar, the Mermaid or Atlantis Stone, said to bring a feeling of freedom and to almost hear and smell the ocean.

The Romans believe Lapis Lazuli, gave healing properties to those who wore them.

Sunstones, shine and luminate the room, wearing these, simply give you a presence, it instils good nature, said to heighten your intuition, and allows the real self to shine through with happiness.  It is said to alleviate fear and stress, encouraging independence and how to be authentic

Seashells, have a gentleness and said to create a healing energy that works to cleanse, balance and harmonise the Chakras and the Aura of the body

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