Welcome... to Prettygalboho 💗


We are so happy to welcome you to our new website prettygalboho.

A love of boho has inspired us a prettygalboho to share our love of Bohemian jewels….💎💎💎 Together with all things Boho.

Boho is not just a style, it’s a way of being, of creation, of freedom and heart💗

You can’t really explain it, just like religion,  or any other belief….., as soon as you start to try to explain,  it loses its meaning, because it’s the ‘vibe’ and it’s  what different  about all of us, each one of us making Us and You Unique.

No history lesson here, but did you know? ....Boho… from Bohemian is originally from France   The people of France, who fought for their independence and liberty from the aristocrats, developed a style, a way of being free from traditional way of "being" and  the fabricated societies and ways of being ‘normal’. 

Boho inspires - Everything from the travellers of the world … now the wanderers, to the Wonderful inspiring the Gypsies the original travellers, And of course lovers of The Sea and of Nature. 💗

Tribal - to be of a Tribe of ‘like-minded’ people, who understand that we are all connected in some way and know the need to make the world sustainable and freer place to live and ‘be’.  All of us totally individuals with a love for freedom and individuality. A melting Pot of cultures and societies, but also individualism at it's very Best 💗💗💗

So, to conclude we... at Prettygalboho shall be adding to our stock regularly, which is from just about every corner of the world and our creative minds...

Together with eventually mid - 2019, expanding our range over time to include clothes, homeware's, and other wonderful additions.

Just a little thank you to all my wonderful friends and models, who have helped me put this together.. and don't forget, I will be needing lot's of help in 2019 ..

We hope you are inspired by our range and Prettygalboho designs.  💗

Love to you All Happy 2019


Prettygalboho 💗💗💗


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