What to Look Out For!

Recently I have been coming up with some wonderful ideas for long dangles, which I hope you all love.

I think I have covered just about every style of Boho earring possible.  Designing Brass, Gold and Silver with wonderful Gemstones / Pearls / Shells etc. is so much fun. 

You must check out my new Tourmaline black Feather Earrings, they will go with practically everything.  I have also done some brass that scream Navajo style, made with brass leaves and wonderful tumbled agate.   We have also some gorgeous new leaf designs, with everything from Apatite to Larimar, they are simply stunning!  But I am bias, but my customers aren’t.    Last weekend I did the Applecross Heathcote Perth Makers Market in Perth WA, and I couldn’t keep up with earrings!  So obviously the new rage is leaf and feather dangle earrings, I couldn’t keep up!  And I was so pleased to find that many were sending overseas to friends and rellies for presents, totally loved, and complimented by this.


But one of my favourite additions, which I will be adding shortly (it has been so hard to source the Karen Hill Silver!) are some Karen Hill Tribal Silver Anklets and Necklaces.  The Silver is amazing so pure around 99.5% and lovely to work with!  Keep an eye out for them. You will be able to wear all the time!  I have sold some at some markets, just experimenting and everyone has loved them! So happy to see!

We are also adding some wonderful Boho Rings, Topaz, Opals, Moonstone, and the list goes on!  Our new Cuffs are to die for, all Sterling 92.5 Silver with stunning natural Stones, like turquoise and moonstone, they are limited, so you need to get in quick for these little beauties.


So don’t forget to check out our What’s New regularly, as we are always adding to our Bohemian Collections for the beach, festivals and just to give our beautiful Tribe of customers what they are looking for, wonderful original Bohemian Jewellery at reasonable prices, with jewellery you can keep and loves for years to come!

I think you will love all the new changes happening soon, so don’t forget to check in with us regularly over the next few months, and have fun shopping for so wonderful Boho Australian Jewellery

Love to all my lovelies... Kathleen PrettyGalBoho xx






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