Why Moonstones?

Did you know that in Hindu history, it is said, that they thought Moonstones held the Moon beams of the Moon, the moonstone trapped the Moons luminosity Like an number of White Stones, Moonstones give a very high vibration

Wearing Moonstone in the form of jewelry is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s illuminating and high vibrational energy throughout the day. Your Ring, bracelet, necklace, or can remind you to stay true to yourself and your purpose when you are faced with choices and decisions in life.

Moonstones are said to give your Chakra give inner alignment with your inner self and connect to your higher frequency.  Moonstones are said to enhance your sense of well being and overall make you feel freer and less inhibited.  The moonstone giving you a light for the end of any tunnel your are going through.

Moonstones are also known as the Travellers stone, lighting the way, and the path for Good luck and better times ahead.

In recent times, Moonstones are incredibly popular, and this should seem like too much off a shock, considering the times we are living in, and the fact we need to feel aligned and have a good sense of ‘who we are’ and a good sense of ‘well-being’.

Let the Moonstones ….  “Light your way”


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