Why Organic Sustainable Jewellery

I must begin with, “I cannot believe all the so-called handmade jewellery, that ironically is made from plastics” How is that ethical or organic or sustainable in any way? 

The way I see it, you want Sustainable and Organic Jewellery that will firstly want it to Last and hopefully original.  When I say original, I mean “handmade”.  Someone has gone to the bother of putting the parts and imagination of this jewellery together,  with Love and each piece has a touch of Uniqueness and is precious to you.  

What do we use to make it Organic & Unique?

We at Prettygalboho, always endeavour to use sustainable and organic produce. 

We use glass, real crystals, real stone crystals, such as Freshwater Baroque Pearls, Amethyst, Jade, Labradorite, Amazonite, Citrine, Clear Quartz and the list goes on.  Metals, such as Brass, Copper, Gold, Silver, and other sustainable re-usable materials.  We endeavour to source as much from Australia as possible.

I make a point of doing markets, my main reason for doing these is, I love the feedback from my customers and it tells me whether or not I’m on the correct path, if it doesn’t sell, then maybe I need to re-look at my designs, however, in saying that what one person loves, another person doesn’t.  Sometimes flamboyant is loved, whilst others like minimal and delicate.  I adore making it all.

I like to think of myself as an artist and enjoy making my Boho Jewellery, knowing that when someone wears my bohemian creations, that they are unique and that they are original, and they are sustainable.

Each stone / crystal has an energy that is not easily explained.  For instance, when you use Labradorite a beautiful stone, with grey and blue hues, is a stone that is said to give you clarity of your future, with maybe a clairvoyance quality.  Imagine, by just wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery you can see and feel clearer about your path in life, wonderfully enhancing your vibrations.  It is said you are not your thought you are your vibrations, so by wearing that special piece of handmade jewellery you can pick what vibrations you need to use in that time in your life.

For instance, this terrible time of Corona Virus, I have been wearing my Amethyst necklace, it falls just on my heart, and be in a placebo or real, who cares?  I’m out there and feeling calm, in all this hectic turmoil and some ugly environments. 

We are all such wonderful individual creatures, that it is fun to be so Unique and whilst doing this, knowing your not damaging your beautiful planet…EARTH

Stay well, stay health and stay positive about what a wonderful world we live in


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