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About Us

Prettygalboho is located in Perth Western Australia.  Perth apparently is the most remote City on the Planet, however we are exceptionally lucky, with our incredible weather and coast line, not to mention our  wonderful multicultural population.

Being inspired by our wonderful city, we here at prettygalboho, love Western Australia's sun, surf and culture.

Boho is in our DNA, as Australians are incredibly individual and love to create and enjoy our outdoors, probably more so than anywhere else in the world.  We have wonderful Festivals and activities to inspire our Bohemian Spirit.

We  love to source products locally, and also look further  around the world for beautiful inspiration and ideas for making our handmade range of jewels and sourcing from other countries, from Indian to Asia... which is right at our doorstep

We don't  use prettygalboho to say who is "pretty" and who is not... because we are all beautiful .... beauty is not something that is just what you "look" like, it represents, how you "feel" inside, pretty comes within, as does Boho, it's a "Being" not a "Seeing", how you feel, how you vibrate, represents the Beauty within 💖

Prettygalboho, hopes you love our jewels and accessories as much as we do, and and visit us regularly to see all the new gorgeous products to come 💕