Hi Guys,  Just wanted to say that Prettygalboho does its very best to ensure all our lovely jewellery is spot on for our prettygalboho customers.  

We at prettygalboho make a lot of Jewellery ourselves, and when I say handmade, I mean we pick up the tools, pick the shells, crystals etc, all by ourselves and with a major love of jewellery making, and we usually come up with a pretty impressive range of handmade jewels.

Unfortunately, some people claim that everything handmade, which is usually not the casel  Plus in a lot of cases, some sites, claim they "own" certain things like photographs, which is also untrue.  We  have photographs from our supplies (permission allowed of course), together with our own photographs handmade jewellery. 

Our Jewels do come from all over the world, and we have excellent suppliers who ensure the quality is excellent.

We guarantee our goods from Prettygalboho.com, for return of 30 days, please see our return policy.  

Our main aim to ensure our customers are happy with their purchases.

Note:  Just Be aware of Fake News...when ..."Fraudulent" retailers making claims that are not true, and condemning others whilst they are the very ones being misleading. 

If you have any queries at all regarding prettygalboho goods, please email us on enquires@prettygalboho.com

Thank you