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How to Care for Your Jewelery


Keep your Jewels Beautiful for as long as you can💎


  • Don't Wash Dishes or do any Laundry with your Jewelry on.  Cleaning products have harsh chemicals, which are a disaster for your beautiful jewelry.

  • Silver Plated Means Your Jewellery is covered in a THIN layer of Silver that can wear off easily if not looked after properly

  • Please do wear in a Pool or Spa.  Both Pools and spas are Chlorinated and react with metals found in jewelry causing your jewels to change in colour.

  • Jewelry Cleaners are usually made for silver, gold o platinum, and is far to harsh for plated precious metals 

  • Don't Put on Lotion or Potions / Perfumes with your jewelry, it can have a chemical reaction, and cause your jewelry to change colour

  • Dress on... Jewelry of...dress off... IN THAT ORDER

  • So when you are getting ready, just remember to put your jewelry on last and take it off first.  This prevent you catching your jewelry on your clothes and maybe breaking the chain etc

  • Don't forget to take your jewels off when doing things like cooking or gardening,or even playing sport, they will be exposed to sweat and chemicals, which doesn't make for 'good' care

  • When getting dressed to go out, put your jewels on after your are finished using makeup and hairspray.  As they all contact harsh chemicals and can damage your jewelry.

  • Keep your jewels stored away in a jewelry box, or a clean and dry container, or store in a nice pouch, keeping them safe and dry from moisture.

  • You can wrap your rings in the Silver polish cloth to keep from any tarnish

  • Keep away from air when storing, as it can tarnish after time, and keeping them stored and dry, will ensure your jewels stay beautiful for longe 


  • Copper Jewellery can be cleaned using Lemon Juice - wet the copper and sprinkle some table salt on the surface of the copper.  Using a soft Cloth, rube the copper piece to remove the tarnish.   a tip is to sprinkle the salt on to half a cut lemon and run the copper with the lemon, it will be shiny in minutes.  Rinse and dry.  Do no use near any semi precious or precious stones.  You can also purchase copper cleaner at most department stores.


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