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Barite Crystal Necklace
Barite Crystal Necklace

Wise Woman Necklace Way to Wealth 💚

$29.00 AUD

This Very Special Barite Crystal Necklace is not only lovely to wear, and looks stunning 💚💚💚Wise Woman's Crystals are said to have the power to enhance your circumstances and help create abundance in areas you need if your life.  Like all Green Crystals, it can attract abundance in wealth  Bring our fashion pieces to a holiday party, dance, date night, or any special occasion and glitter. Combine with your favorite cocktail dress for a fabulous look or with your daily casual style for effortless elegant style.

Barite Green Crystal Necklace, is said to be able to promote Friendship, love and Harmony, bringing you calmness and self-assured, and anyone who is shy, this necklace may help to overcome and promote open communication.🌺⭐🌼🌟 Enjoy high

  • Quality, precious jewelry at an affordable price
  • Latest Trends and Styles 
  • Perfect for any gift occasion

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