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Stunning Larimar Faceted Natural Stone, with Hilltribe small barrel Charms & A Stunning Star Charm 

Stars are often regarded as protective symbols. Stars represent distant divine force or energy. All people, of all traditions in the world, look up the sky and stars in prayer. ... In contemporary art, design and modern world in general, star is widely used as a symbol of something beautiful, good and positive.

Made from the Karen Hilltribe Charms.  The Beautiful Kalli #Mermkali modelling this Handmade Anklet Made here in Australia, with love and care Larimar is well known as the Mermaid Stone or the Atlantis Stone with the Beautiful light Blue Hues....

Each Piece is Unique.  Made with Natural Leather, and is Adjustable.

Made from Hilltribe Silver which is 97% plus Silver & Natural Stones. 

NB: Please do Not Pull on Your Anklet, they are durable, but also delicate.

Sizing 22 cm to 28 cm, adjustable leather Anklet

It is best to avoid any chemicals with your silver.




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